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Virtual Innovation: Toybox Launches Epic 360 VR Tour Project for Glencore, One of the World’s Largest Diversified Natural Resource Companies.


In a groundbreaking collaboration, Toybox Films, a leader in immersive media production, has revolutionized Glencore’s corporate exploration experience by creating a compelling 360 virtual tour. Utilizing state-of-the-art high-end professional cameras and cutting-edge software, Toybox Films has taken viewers on an extraordinary journey through remote locations in New South Wales (NSW). This high-tech footage has been seamlessly transformed into a captivating virtual world, designed to be experienced through Meta’s Quest 2 VR headset. With 12 VR headsets provided, Toybox Films has ensured an unforgettable experience for Glencore’s Corporate Affairs – Australia, Nathan Ryan, at the esteemed World Mining Congress 2023 in Brisbane.

Captivating Remote Exploration

With the aid of their cutting-edge high-end professional 360-degree cameras, Toybox Films embarked on a mission to capture the breathtaking beauty and scale of Glencore’s remote mining locations in NSW. From vast open pits to intricate underground tunnels, the team at Toybox Films meticulously documented every aspect of Glencore’s operations, allowing viewers to witness the awe-inspiring natural resource sites like never before.



Transcending Reality through Innovative Software

But capturing the footage was just the beginning. Toybox Films harnessed the power of cutting-edge software to transform the high-tech recordings into a virtual world that is both immersive and interactive. This software not only seamlessly stitched the 360-degree footage together but also added dynamic elements to enhance the overall experience. As viewers put on the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, they are transported into a virtual realm where they can explore Glencore’s mining sites, interact with objects, and gain an unparalleled understanding of the company’s operations.

Elevating the Corporate Experience

Toybox Films went above and beyond by providing 12 VR headsets, loaded with the custom virtual tour experience, to Glencore’s Corporate Affairs – Australia, Nathan Ryan. With this comprehensive setup, Glencore was able to showcase their mining operations in an entirely new light at the prestigious World Mining Congress 2023 in Brisbane. Attendees were captivated as they donned the VR headsets and were instantly transported into the heart of Glencore’s mining operations, gaining an immersive understanding of the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Meta Quest 2 VR HMDs

Meta Quest 2 hmd

Toybox Films’ collaboration with Glencore marks a significant milestone in the world of virtual tours. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative software, they have redefined the way businesses can showcase their operations and engage with their audience. The seamless integration of high-end professional cameras, immersive software, and Meta’s Quest 2 VR headset has opened up endless possibilities for remote exploration, making it more accessible and captivating than ever before.

Through their visionary approach and dedication to pushing the boundaries of immersive media, Toybox Films has transformed Glencore’s corporate exploration experience. By creating a compelling virtual tour using the latest high-end professional 360-degree cameras and cutting-edge software, Toybox Films has transported viewers into a virtual realm where they can witness Glencore’s mining sites firsthand. The provision of 12 VR headsets for Glencore’s appearance at the World Mining Congress 2023 demonstrates Toybox Films’ commitment to delivering an exceptional and unforgettable experience. With this partnership, the future of exploration has been forever altered, paving the way for a new era of virtual tours in the corporate world.

July 5, 2023
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