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Tread Softly - Fourth Wave Wines

Pushing Boundaries: Toybox’s Creative Approach to Crafting Unique Video Experiences

At Toybox, we thrive on pushing the boundaries of art and technology to deliver unparalleled experiences for our clients. In an era saturated with video content, our challenge lies in creating videos that stand out, captivate viewers, and halt the incessant scrolling process. Tread Softly, a project undertaken for Fourth Wave Wines, serves as a prime example of our commitment to delivering videos with a distinct look and feel that capture eyeballs.

Unleashing Creativity on a Limited Budget

The creative team at Fourth Wave Wines presented us with an in-house concept that revolved around a tree growing to become part of a larger forest. However, at the early stages of development, there was no actual forest. This presented us with the challenge of creating a visually stunning forest environment swiftly and on a low budget.

Embracing Epic Games Unreal Engine

To meet the project’s time and budget constraints without compromising on visual quality, we made a strategic decision to utilize Epic Games Unreal Engine. This powerful real-time 3D creation platform enabled us to rapidly develop a short video depicting the growth of a tree in a visually stunning forest setting.

Capturing the Essence of the Australian Outback

An essential requirement of the project was to evoke the distinct atmosphere of the Australian outback right from the first frame. We needed to convey the iconic red dirt synonymous with the outback landscape. This presented a unique challenge in achieving an authentic look within the constraints of time and resources.

Creating an Engaging Visual Narrative

Through skillful utilization of Unreal Engine’s capabilities, we meticulously crafted a virtual environment that depicted the tree’s growth in the Australian outback. The software allowed us to simulate realistic lighting, textures, and vegetation, resulting in an immersive experience that transported viewers to the heart of the outback.

Resounding Success and Wide Social Reach

The final outcome of the Tread Softly project was nothing short of a resounding success. The visually captivating video, which perfectly embodied the Australian outback ambiance, was employed across multiple social channels. Its unique look and feel immediately caught the attention of viewers, successfully halting their scrolling process and commanding their full attention.

Toybox’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of art and technology enabled us to turn Fourth Wave Wines’ concept into a visually stunning reality, swiftly and on a limited budget. By harnessing the power of Epic Games Unreal Engine, we created a short video that depicted the growth of a tree within a breathtaking Australian outback environment. This creative approach not only captured the essence of the brand’s concept but also resonated with audiences, resulting in a significant social media reach.

Our experience with Tread Softly underscores our dedication to crafting unique video experiences that defy expectations and captivate viewers. By continually seeking innovative solutions and leveraging cutting-edge technology, Toybox stands ready to meet and exceed the challenges of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Fourth Wave Wines
Glenn Cogan
July 7, 2023
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