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Fuzzy Bare - Fourth Wave Wines

Toybox and Fourth Wave Wines Collaborate Once Again: Engaging Product Animation for Fuzzy Bare

Fuzzy Bare win in a can pino

Toybox and Fourth Wave Wines have joined forces once more, this time to create captivating social videos for their brand, Fuzzy Bare. Led by Creative Director and animator Glenn Cogan, Toybox embarked on an exciting opportunity to bring another brand personality to life through visually engaging animations and music, while staying true to the core values of the brand. Leveraging a combination of 3D rendering and 2D animated illustrations, Toybox utilized industry-leading software and rendering engines, including Pixar’s Renderman, to deliver exceptional results.

Bringing Brand Personality to Life

As with previous collaborations, Toybox was dedicated to capturing the essence of Fuzzy Bare’s brand personality. Glenn Cogan highlighted the project as a fun opportunity to breathe life into the brand and create an engaging visual experience. By carefully considering the core values of Fuzzy Bare, Toybox aimed to convey these attributes through the animations, allowing viewers to connect with the brand on a deeper level.

A Fusion of 3D Rendering and 2D Animated Illustrations

To accomplish their vision, Toybox adopted a creative approach that combined the power of 3D rendering and 2D animated illustrations. The product, Fuzzy Bare, was rendered in three-dimensional space to showcase its unique features and create a lifelike representation. This process allowed for a more immersive viewing experience, enabling consumers to appreciate the product’s details from various angles.

Complementing the 3D rendering, Toybox utilized 2D animated illustrations to add an extra layer of charm and storytelling to the videos. These illustrations were thoughtfully integrated with the 3D product renders, seamlessly merging the two art forms and creating a visually cohesive and captivating final result.

Utilizing High-End Software and Rendering Engines

Toybox’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality and visual appeal is evident in their choice of industry-leading software and rendering engines. Among their arsenal of tools is Pixar’s Renderman, a highly regarded rendering engine renowned for its ability to produce stunning and realistic visuals. By leveraging Renderman, Toybox was able to elevate the quality of their animations, ensuring that every frame was visually striking and exceeded expectations.

Delivering Engaging Videos True to Brand Values

Through their expertise in animation and understanding of brand values, Toybox successfully brought Fuzzy Bare to life in the form of engaging social videos. By combining 3D rendering and 2D animated illustrations, they created a visually cohesive and captivating experience that resonated with the brand’s core values. Viewers were able to connect with the brand on a deeper level, establishing a strong emotional bond and leaving a lasting impression.

The collaboration between Toybox and Fourth Wave Wines for Fuzzy Bare showcases the power of product animation in conveying brand personality. Led by Creative Director Glenn Cogan, Toybox utilized a fusion of 3D rendering and 2D animated illustrations to create visually engaging videos that stayed true to the brand’s core values. Through the use of high-end software and rendering engines like Pixar’s Renderman, Toybox delivered exceptional quality and stunning visuals that captivated audiences. This collaboration serves as a testament to Toybox’s dedication to bringing brands to life through their expertise in animation and visual storytelling.

Fourth Wave Wines
Glenn Cogan
July 7, 2023