About Us
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About Us

Our Backstory

Who we are and what we do

We started life as the in-house production department for a very successful advertising agency for over 20 years, creating tvc’s and corporate films for a myriad of diverse clients. In 2015 a partnership was struck between Glenn Cogan and Aaron Haberfield, and Toybox was born. Glenn brought knowledge from his time in 2 decades of feature films, television promos, and co-owning and founding an advertising agency. Aaron came armed with television production, a long tenure at Foxtel creating promos, docos and long form content. Together they carefully selected a team to help them create awesome content in the broadcast and online video space… to this day.

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About Us

We’re more than well equipped to do your job

Our craft is everything to us.

So it goes without saying, our studio hosts the leading tools and toys we can get our hands on. Forefront are our awesome high end RED cameras, Zaxcomm sound gear and Aputure Lights.
When appropriate we have our Dana Dolly, DJI Ronin stabiliser, Steadicam, green screens, and lots of other gear that goes into making every individual project unique.

In Post, for content creation we use a huge range of software Adobe’s Creative Cloud, for colorgrading DaVinci Resolve, sound mixing ProTools, 3D design and motion graphics Cinema4D, stop motion Dragonframe.