You Have a Great Video, But What Do You Do With it?..... Here’s What You Need To Know
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You Have a Great Video, But What Do You Do With it?….. Here’s What You Need To Know

You Have a Great Video, But What Do You Do With it?….. Here’s What You Need To Know

With stats getting thrown around like; ‘mobile video ads will grow 5 times faster than desktop’ and ‘landing pages with videos lead to 800% more conversions’, it’s a good time to get to grips with your video marketing production, to produce content your clients actually want to watch.

But once you have your super impressive marketing video, how do you make sure your audience actually gets to see it? Take a look at this check list, to make sure you market your video in the correct way.

  1. Make Video Content With the Consumer in Mind.

    Before you even try and get your video in front of your prospective customers, ensure you have produced a video they actually want to watch. Is it engaging, intriguing and centered on telling a story not just grabbing a sale? Are you providing value for your customer?Appeal to your ideal customers’ needs and desires to gain their trust. Don’t leave your customer confused about what to do next – have a call to action in the video and/or alongside the video URL.

  2. Add in Relevant Keyword Tags

    Ensure your videos are tagged with fully explained keywords, relevant titles and easy to read descriptions. Google’s search algorithms need to understand what your video actually is and what it entails, to decide where to rank you.

  3. Share Across Multiple Platforms

    First of all you need to embed you video on your own domain and enable embedding on your video. This will increase the chances of getting inbound marketing links. Think about showing your videos in your blog posts, on YouTube and on social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Think about all the various platforms your potential audience may frequent and place your content in front of them.

  4. Drive Traffic to Your Videos

    Alongside sharing your video everywhere, you need to take on a few other marketing strategies. If you have a mailing list, send out a mass email promoting your video and encourage them to share it with friends. You could use paid advertising with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or setting up paid Facebook or Instagram ads.

  5. Measure Your Success

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and not getting results! You need to measure whether your marketing strategies are being effective for your goals. You can measure ad results with Facebook analytics and tweak where necessary. Check to see the open rate from your email list – if there’s a low open rate, you need to ask yourself whether you have a highly targeted list that loves what you do, or if you need to work on finding that niche audience.

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