4 Tips to Improve the SEO of Your Video
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4 Tips to Improve the SEO of Your Video

4 Tips to Improve the SEO of Your Video

Improve Video SEO and Gain the Eyes of Prospective Customers

With Google alone processing on average 40,000 searches a second and around 3.5 billion searches a day, we are used to getting the content we want at lightning speed. This is an incredible feat of the 21st century, but from the eyes of a company who wants to get their message out there with video content production, it may seem a an impossible challenge to cut through all the noise. This is why improving the SEO of your video and having a video marketing strategy in place is imperative.

In 2017 video accounted for 74% of all online traffic, meaning people want to see video content and if it leaves an impression on them, they’ll be back for more. But in order to impress your potential customers with your video, it needs to get found first. This is where video SEO comes in and by implementing a few simple, effective tactics you can get your video ranking at the top.

Keywords Are Key

Keywords are important even for video content and thorough keyword research should be conducted even before your start the video. Aim to use keywords throughout the duration of the video, so these will appear in the transcript and caption files. Also include keywords in the title and description and optimise the text content for video, just as you would for a text post. Do not overdo the text though, as search engines may then index your video page as a text page.

Transcribe Video Content

Transcripts will help users navigate to topic points in the video, will reveal a number of keywords and are a starting point to create follow on content such as blog content and white papers. When you have your video content transcribed, Google is better able to qualify your content for relevance to your prospective customer.

Create an Amazing User Experience

The better a user experience is, the more they’ll enjoy your video content and page, making them likely to come back again for more. Search engines measure engagement metrics and use this to determine your pages rank. The visual element of your video should be outstanding and it should be easy to find when they click to your page. If the video takes ages to load or they have to scroll a long way, this may cause them to click off the page before even viewing your content.

Promote Across Multiple Platforms

Promoting your video content across multiple platforms will help your improve ranking in multiple locations. But, make sure you don’t post the same video with the same meta data to your site and to You Tube as this may harm your SEO efforts. Embed the video to your website with relevant title and meta data, then post to another platform like YouTube at a different time with a slightly altered title and meta data. This will ensure you build a relevant presence in multiple search engines.

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