Creating a concept for Boo Seeka's Gold Sail
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Creating a concept for Boo Seeka’s Gold Sail

Creating a concept for Boo Seeka’s Gold Sail

Creating a concept for Boo Seeka’s Gold Sail music video.

By Glenn Cogan, Director. We met with Ben Morgan from Boo Seeka early this year and explored the idea of doing a music video for a very successful title track the guys already had in the marketplace. As talks progressed Ben had passed over a loose idea that his partner in crime, Sam had worked up. The idea was pretty mammoth and involved many locations and characters. We needed to simplify things for scheduling and cost reasons.  So we took one of his characters, game him the name Gold Sail and ultimately rebuilt a new story around him. Simply put, he sets the bait for unsuspecting talent and entices them into his shady world to perform for his own pleasure. From the outset, planning was always going to be the key to an efficient 1 day shoot, and that’s where pre-visualisation or previz made all the difference. I’m a big fan of having as much as possible worked out before the cameras roll on set. Previz actually gives you so much opportunity to experiment, its such an exciting creative tool in my opinion. We are long time users and big fans of Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Matt Workman’s Cine Designer for C4D and along with Redshift’s powerful new rendering engine you have the dream tools set for previz. This combination allowed us to work out our lighting strategy, lensing and timing.

The idea was not to get too hung up on the look of the modelling or characters, but to effectively plan out the flow of the story and present this to the band. When they saw the previz, they got it immediately and management approved the concept for filming in record time.

On the production side of things, the video was shot with our Red Dragon camera on the DJI Ronin stabilser. Sigma Art Series zooms were chosen to keep things moving along and for their speed in the low lit locations. We also had the opportunity to use our new range of awesome Aputure Lights, including the LSC 300d, LSC 120d and the LS 20mini’s as well.

From the outset Boo Seeka were very keen on doing something very different to their previous clips and emphasizing colour was one of the core themes we decided on for the world of Gold Sail and that flowed through to the grade of the final video.

The final video can be viewed on YouTube

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